The word “spirituality” can be an obstacle for some people but the term to me refers to something quite simple which can be captured in a few points. 

  1. It suggests that everything in existence is in some way inter-connected.  As such it makes sense to treat everyone and everything with some care since what we do to others we also, in some way, do to ourselves. 
  2. Spirituality implies that there is some meaning running through life.  What the meaning is will vary from person to person.  Part of our goal is to find out what has meaning for us in our life. 
  3. Finally spirituality holds that there is something sacred within each of us and in this world which can be touched every day if we choose.

To feel disconnected from the world and others is a big source of suffering.  Equally to live without as sense of meaning can lead to hopelessness and despair.  The great mystics all state that to live without connection to the sacred is a misfortune.  

In counselling I can support you wherever you are on your journey to deepen your sense of connection, find meaning in your life and touch the sacred in you and around you.

The spiritual path can be hard and lonely at times but the rewards can be great.  I can support you to avoid spiritual bypass, integrate all aspects of yourself, embrace your shadow, open your heart and deepen your practice. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to book an initial appointment. 

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