Millennials Counselling: It is not an easy time to be a young person.  There is very little job security, it’s hard to get a mortgage, the environment is collapsing and the future is very uncertain.  Modern life seems to have very little meaning.  In these conditions it’s very easy to adopt unhealthy patterns.  It’s easy to get addicted to our devices, for example, which means we are not present for our life and other people.  It’s easy to get gratification from pornography or binge watching Netflix.

The coverage in the media of young people is a source of fear and anger for many.  A whole generation is being attacked for caring about the environment, wishing to be kind to each other and creating safe environments in which to live and work.  The term “snowflake” is used in a very demeaning way.  I like to remember that a snowflake is about the most beautiful and precious thing.

Likewise it is a beautiful and precious thing to care and feel deeply about things.  I want to nurture this quality in people so they don’t grow up thinking that something is wrong with them for caring about things in life.  The world needs more caring and kindness.

Millennials Counselling can help support you through this time and in the transition to adulthood.  It can help you work towards a healthy use of devices and media while engaging more fully with the present moment.  It can help process the fear for the future and develop hope that a bright future is possible.

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