Climate Crisis

The reports coming from the scientific community about climate change and environmental destruction are very stark indeed.  The vast majority of the science agrees that climate change is happening, is caused by human activity and is already having catastrophic consequences on the planet and her inhabitants. The forecast is for the consequences to become increasingly severe.

To hear that the planet is in so much distress and that we are involved in a mass extinction of species is distressing.  Increasingly people are waking up to this reality and feeling great sadness and fear at the future for the planet and humanity.

To observe how the mainstream press and politicians address this issue is distressing.  The science is being ignored and often discredited so that “business as usual” can continue. This manipulation of the truth can lead to deep frustration and alienation.

Many of us who care for the planet and all her creatures are deemed “weird” or “troublemakers” by others.  How maddening it is to be judged for caring.

Counselling can help you come to terms with your sadness and fear in relation to the climate crisis. It can help you express your emotions and find ways to take positive action in a way which is meaningful to you.  We will work to help you feel less alone in your views and to see that you are not weird or a troublemaker for caring.  To care is a beautiful quality and in counselling we will work to protect and nurture this in you. 

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